Batch Plants

Forglass in-house design engineering office and fabrication plant ensure both the most innovative technology lines and flexibility to adapt each machine to the exact needs of each glassworks. Forglass offers some of the most technologically advanced machinery and auxiliary equipment for all glass factories.

Our Solutions

Forglass Compact Batch Plant – container glass

Building a batch plant is a huge responsibility and we have extensive experience in such projects. We believe in the principle that success comes from understanding the needs of the market and the client.

Forglass PCR Cullet System

Protecting the world around us is everyone’s responsibility. Environmental protection has many forms, not the least of which is the reduction of harmful emissions. This necessity has also reached the glass industry. Glass is infinitely recyclable, making it an ideal material that can be recycled again and again in the production of new container glass. More and more glass factories are sourcing a special PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) glass system, which completes the composition of the batch delivered to the furnace.

Forglass Float Batch Plant

We do not stop on designing our machines and taking care of every detail of their functionality. We are ultimately responsible for the quality of the equipment we deliver and thus for the product that reaches the end of the production line.

Forglass Cullet Return System – container glass

The end of a product's technological life is as important as its beginning. Because of the nearly infinite recyclability of glass, the cullet return system can breathe new life into it. Careful handling of the material key, so that it can return to the heart of the glassworks.

Forglass Cullet Return System – float furnaces

The high capacity of the batch plant working for the float furnace translates into processing of an enormous quantity of material, which also encompasses cullet return. Proper management of this material and its transport technology is key to the functioning of the entire technology line.

Forglass Fibreglass System

One of the most popular thermal and acoustic insulating materials used in the construction industry, fibreglass (glass wool) seems very distant from container glass or float glass products. In practice, its birth, similarly to a common glass bottle, takes place in a furnace. Our compact batch plants have been successfully installed at the facilities of many customers in Europe. Reducing the required space results in huge savings in both building maintenance and shorter process lines. Every detail of the process line construction is consulted with the client, so that it meets all expectations. Thanks to our advanced designs, we are able to provide the desired functionality with the least amount of transport equipment.

Forglass Cullet Treatment System for float glass

Cullet systems that include sorting and purifying are becoming more and more critical, and the demand for such systems is growing. Being a technology company, we are continually developing our batch plant solutions to meet the evolving needs of glass producers.

Automation of Batch Plants

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