Batch Plants

Forglass Cullet Return System – float furnaces


Forglass Cullet Return System – Float Furnaces

The high capacity of the batch plant working for the float furnace translates into processing of an enormous quantity of material, which also encompasses cullet return. Proper management of this material and its transport technology is key to the functioning of the entire technology line.

A glass furnace produces tens of tons of glass per hour and cannot be stopped. For this reason, the reliability of the line responsible for collecting the returned glass has to be second to none. The line must not stop due to failure of one of the elements or power. Our well-thought-out solutions maintain constant flow and functioning of this critical equipment at the heart of your glassworks.

Clean Technology of Tomorrow

One of the most crucial aspects of a float cullet return system is to eliminate all sources of dust. This involves the precise design of the complete line, where the most important points are the junctions connecting the subsequent transport devices. The entire line is covered by a network of extractions supported by an advanced filtration system.

Airborne particles, metallic and other contaminants can get into the transported glass. At the same time, very high requirements placed on the furnace input material must be matched by the quality of cullet, which at each stage of its storage and transport is under the watchful eye of a modern detection system.

Industry 4.0

We focus on developing equipment for Industry 4.0, so that we can deliver intelligent technology lines that react to changes and threats on their own. Thanks to the introduction of a number of automatic functions in the equipment and their monitoring, human intervention is reduced to a minimum.