Batch Plants

Forglass Float Batch Plant


Forglass Float Batch Plant

Elegant office buildings and luxurious apartments shine with glass panels on their exterior. In order for glass to achieve its elegant and refined charm, while being functional and durable, it must meet very high requirements at the stage of production. High quality of glass requires high quality of the batch – that means purity from foreign materials that can contaminate the batch during transport. This places enormous demands on the equipment, with which the material comes into contact on its way.

Rising market standards place a significant challenge on companies supplying technology to glass producers. This challenge is a driving force for us to stay ahead of the market needs, making the development of new technologies our priority.

Responsible for Quality

We do not stop on designing our machines and taking care of every detail of their functionality. We are ultimately responsible for the quality of the equipment we deliver and thus for the product that reaches the end of the production line.

In the age of Industry 4.0, the introduction of smart functionalities in our devices allows the client to have full remote access to the device parameters and its status. Thanks to data archiving, we are able to diagnose processes occurring in the device and spot potential threats before they occur. With the full support of our service, you will not be surprised by a failure.

Progress through Technology

Our experienced staff of mechanical designers meet or exceed the most stringent requirements of the glass industry. We have a catalogue of machines, which can be modified, if necessary, to achieve even greater efficiency and dispensing precision, while maintaining their full functionality and reliability. An excellent example of our technological development and an original solution applied to batch plants that work with float furnaces is a patented, high-performance vibrating dosing feeder.

We invite our Clients’ participation in every step of the design process (e.g., weekly progress review), as well as during production and testing in our facility prior to delivery.