Batch Plants

Forglass Fibreglass System


Forglass Fibreglass System

One of the most popular thermal and acoustic insulating materials used in the construction industry, fibreglass (glass wool) seems very distant from container glass or float glass products. In practice, its birth, similarly to a common glass bottle, takes place in a furnace.

Our compact batch plants have been successfully installed at the facilities of many customers in Europe. Reducing the required space results in huge savings in both building maintenance and shorter process lines. Every detail of the process line construction is consulted with the client, so that it meets all expectations. Thanks to our advanced designs, we are able to provide the desired functionality with the least amount of transport equipment.

Managing Risks

Inconspicuous glass wool is a material that is highly hazardous to the health of those working around it. Taking responsibility for people’s health means that the batch plant and collection line for returned fibreglass must meet the highest safety and reliability standards.

By incorporating Industry 4.0 solutions into our innovative equipment, the entire process line operates under the watchful eye of a network of sensors that work together with the controllers to automatically respond to any threats. This reduces the need for human intervention to an absolute minimum.

Great Strength in Small Package

Our equipment, which has been successfully used in the container glass industry for many years, has been adapted to the requirements of the fibreglass production environment, so that its strength and technical sophistication can be housed in a much smaller package. As a result, the process lines can fit into small spaces and are an ideal extension of existing infrastructure.