Batch Plants

Forglass Compact Batch Plant - container glass


Forglass Compact Batch Plant – container glass

Building a batch plant is a huge responsibility and we have extensive experience in such projects. We believe in the principle that success comes from understanding the needs of the market and the client.

Greatness Enclosed in a Grain

Just as the crystalline purity and beauty of a glass product depends on every single component of the batch, the strength of a modern batch plant lies in its compact heart. Many years of experience in all sectors of the glass industry provide our engineers with the knowledge to create technology line solutions that fit into extremely small spaces.

Forglass Batch Plants Worldwide

Our compact batch plants have been successfully installed at the facilities of many clients in Europe. Reducing the required space results in huge savings in both building maintenance and shorter technology lines. Every detail of the process line construction is consulted with the client, so that it meets all expectations. Thanks to our advanced technology, we are able to provide the desired functionality with a minimum of transport equipment.

We modernize existing plants and build brand new batch plants for world leaders in the glass industry such as Ardagh, Stoelzle, Owens-Illinois, Guardian and Saint-Gobain among others. Using our modern technical solutions, we make sure that the plant is both innovative and that it adheres to the highest safety standards.

Comprehensive Approach

We design and build batch plants of unlimited capacity for container glass production. To date, the largest Forglass plant has the capacity of 1000 tons per day and supplies two glass furnaces simultaneously. Our batch plants are tailored to different types of glass (flint, extra-flint, cannelle, dark amber, tradiver) and thus different formulas of macro and micro components. Thanks to our comprehensive approach, encompassing mechanical, electrical and automation aspects, as well as our in-depth knowledge and experience in furnace design and construction, our new batch plant will fit your glassworks like a glove.

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