Forglass Mixing Electrodes®

Your furnace

From concept and in-depth analysis through engineering and mathematical modelling, all the way to erection and heat-up, Forglass offers comprehensive solutions for your glass melting needs. Our furnaces use less energy and emit less greenhouse gases than most of today’s designs.

Your batch plant

Forglass in-house design engineering office and fabrication plant ensure both the most innovative technology lines and flexibility to adapt each machine to the exact needs of each glassworks. Forglass offers some of the most technologically advanced machinery and auxiliary equipment for all glass factories.

Forglass solutions

Our experienced staff of mechanical designers meet or exceed the most stringent requirements of the glass industry.

Services & Support

Forglass doesn’t stop at designing and constructing technology lines. We also support our clients with a broad range of repair and modernisation services, including the most complex and challenging rebuilding projects. Forglass engineers and technologists are known for successfully completing tasks that seemed impossible to others.


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