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Batch Plant Services


Quality backed by experience

We have many years of experience in professional service and repair of equipment in glass factories.

We know that a broken machine can quickly generate high, unplanned costs. Often, one defective device prevents another device from working properly, so we strive to remove every problem as quickly as possible. We can do this because we have a rich variety of spare parts on hand, experienced mechanics and automation specialists, and appropriate equipment. We offer our clients a thorough analysis of the problem and a comprehensive solution. Machine repairs performed by our team are characterised by precision, attention to every detail, diligence and timeliness. Our specialists are ready to deal with all breakdowns, even the most difficult ones.

Thanks to our professional repair service, your machines will work efficiently and reliably. We will make sure that they are capable of hard and uninterrupted work in all conditions. We offer competitive prices and fast repair times and we guarantee all of our services.

Comprehensive services

  • Periodic inspections

Periodic and in-depth inspections of technology lines significantly extend the life of components and entire machines. The periodic inspection package provides a comprehensive examination of all devices covered by the contract, thanks to which they remain in the best possible condition.

  • Full service 24/7

Do you want your batch plant to function continuously around the clock? We have a solution for that. Our 24/7 service option provides you with maintenance facilities, with which we take full responsibility for the operational functioning of your batch plant.

  • Service after the sale

To uphold the highest standard of the products and services we provide, we want to be sure that they are in the best condition even months after the first assembly. For this purpose, we offer an after-sale service when we perform a complete overview of the entire technology line.

  • Spare parts on hand when needed

We keep spare parts for each client’s installation. The components of the existing technology line are catalogued, so you can easily select and order the required parts. Our database of prices and delivery times is always up-to-date, so planning your service works in advance is easy.

  • Components for transport equipment

With technical facilities that include a design bureau and our own production plant, we offer a variety of components for material transport equipment operating within the batch plant. We can help with the selection and replacement of bearings, drives or linings and we deliver them directly to where you need them.


We service all machines and structures

With a team of expert mechanics and automation engineers, we can diagnose and remove any problem. Our workshop facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for measurements and repairs. Each case begins with a detailed assessment of the technical condition of the machine, determining the scope of work to be performed and the time necessary to repair the defect. We service all our transport and storage devices operating in the area of ​​the glassworks (both transporting and storing machines, as well as steel structures). In addition, we offer a wide range of high-quality, reliable spare parts.

If necessary, we will organize the transport of the broken component to our workshop, repair the defect and send the part back in working order, via a courier company.


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