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24 Mar, 2022

Our Experimental Furnace tests continue

We are a company that is known for its innovative and creative approach to progress in glass production technology. In the glass industry, it is also critical that new inventions are extensively tested and safe, so even the best calculations and mathematical modelling have to be assessed in practice. This is why about two years ago, Forglass invested in the construction of an experimental furnace, where the company can test a number of its innovative technologies, aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. Following the initial phase of tests, this experimental furnace was cooled and a number of parameters were assessed.

Now, the furnace has been brought up to working temperature again and the second phase of tests have begun, to make sure that the innovative solutions are safe to be fully implemented in the industry. This is obviously a very costly experiment that not many technology providers are able to afford, but Forglass management feels it is necessary to ensure that all performance and safety parameters of its inventions are met.