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12 Jan, 2022

Better than expected performance of our furnace for Stoelzle Masnieres Parfumerie

The successfully completed final acceptance test of the furnace erected by us in France confirmed that the parameters of its operation significantly exceeded expectations in terms of glass quality and energy consumption. The Client, Stoelzle Masnieres Parfumerie is well known for its extremely high quality, Extra White Flint glass packaging for the perfumery and cosmetic market, and they set the bar very high from the very beginning. Working within a limited space, our engineers had to increase the pull by 50%, guarantee high-quality cosmetic glass and reduce energy consumption, thus reducing the carbon impact on our environment.

The mathematical modelling that preceded the design phase and the subsequent application of the latest Forglass technologies not only achieved the desired effect, but actually surpassed it.

Forglass CEO, Piotr Knast said “We have always focussed on hiring exceptional people and this strategy has proven to produce reliable solutions with measurably better technical parameters of our devices.”

Forglass engineers feel at home designing furnaces with very demanding glass quality requirements. Besides the large (300-500 tpd) container glass furnaces, the company specializes in tableware and cosmetic glass furnaces. Here, we have the perfect example of yet another success in this demanding sector.