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Forglass Unit Melter Furnace


Forglass Unit Melter Furnace

Perfect configuration for special applications

For special applications

Unit Melter furnaces, equipped with a recuperative system for exhaust gas recovery, are an alternative to regenerative furnaces for manufacturers of glasses containing components like boron that prevent the use of a regenerator, or for glass manufacturers, where very high requirements for glass quality limit the amount of the maximum output, and the forming techniques and machine layouts limit the daily demand for glass (e.g., some household glasses formed by the blow-blow method). Unit Melter furnaces can be equipped with constant or variable depth tanks, with or without a weir wall.

Mathematical modelling for perfect configuration

Forglass designs solutions tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of the client, based on the analysis of the technological conditions of the batch and the desired chemical composition of the glass. Meeting the highest quality requirements for glass necessitates a precise design of the burner configuration and sometimes also electric boosting. Forglass does this with the support of mathematical simulations. Unit Melter furnaces include special versions, like oxygen furnaces without recuperators and furnaces with partial gas/air and gas/oxygen firing. These solutions are used in the production of glass wool, where very high specific melting capacities are expected.