Furnaces and Forehearths

Forglass FCF Forehearth


Forglass FCF Forehearth

Best performance for quick changes

For quick changes

Forced-air cooling systems are used in forehearths equipped with full (or, at least, expanded) automation of temperature control in individual zones, which can operate in three modes: cooling, heating or zone cooling and heating. Forglass offers a solution that controls the full temperature profile along the entire forehearth. These systems are intended for production lines, where changes in pull are frequent and have to be made quickly.

Full control for best performance

Taking into account the preferences (or habits) of glass producers, Forglass offers systems of longitudinally controlled air blowers together with specially profiled ceramic covers. Where the length of the zone requires it, we use one firing control system and two air cooling sub-zones. In the curved sections, it is possible to use a control system with one cooling and two firing sides. Forglass also offers a system of lateral supply of cooling air under the crown of the central channel, which guarantees even heat removal along the entire zone.