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Forglass Mixing Electrodes & Hybrid Furnace


Forglass Mixing Electric Boost

Faster melting = less energy consumed

The challenge

Melting means converting granulated raw material into atomically homogenous melt. Naturally occurring convection currents created by batch blanket dissolution do the job, but slowly. The process can be  significantly accelerated by adding kinetic energy to the hot glass, an action similar to stirring sugar in coffee with a spoon.

The solution

With Forglass Mixing Electric Boost, heat and kinetic energy of molten glass are directed into cold batch by a system of electrodes equipped with bubbling functionality. They act like virtual “spoons”, accelerating the sand dissolution rate by as much as 25%! And faster melting means a significant reduction in specific energy consumption. Forglass Mixing Electrodes can be installed in existing furnaces for unparalleled energy savings or configured as part of a new hybrid furnace.

Forglass Mixing Electrodes