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Forglass End & Cross Fired Furnace with Deep Flat Bottom


Forglass End & Cross Fired Furnace with Deep Flat Bottom

High-volume production with quality and performance

High-volume production

This furnace design, while having the longest history in the glass industry, is still appreciated by many clients, especially those operating a large number of furnaces. Its most important advantage is the possibility of using the entire volume of the tank in the glass melting process, thanks to naturally occurring convection currents, which reduces the need for electric boosting. It is a serious advantage in high-volume production, where the pull from the furnace is not subject to frequent and large changes.

Quality and performance

Forglass furnaces offer low melting costs per unit of glass, which is a very important criterion in the case of products with a low profit margin. By optimizing the tank structure, including the configuration of electric boosting and/or bubbling nozzles, and the conscious use of the refining bank, Forglass can offer high quality glass from these furnaces, while maintaining the highest melting performance. A significant advantage of these furnaces is that the melting conditions remain unchanged throughout the entire campaign and there is no need to use replacement solutions following the partial vanish of the weir wall.