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Forglass End & Cross Fired Furnace with Deep Refining Part


Forglass End & Cross Fired Furnace with Deep Refining Part

Efficient, durable and optimised for you       


Efficient and durable

This is the most common design in the container glass sector, where the melting efficiency and quick response of the furnace to changes in pull are the most important criteria. Furnaces designed by Forglass, in addition to meeting these strict parameters, also offer excellent results in terms of specific energy consumption, emissions, glass quality, campaign length and flexibility. In order to reach all these performance goals, Forglass approaches the geometry and construction solutions with the same care, both for the tank and the superstructure of the furnace, as well as the regenerator. But we do more than the standard approach of adjusting the depth of both sections of the tank, and the position and height of the weir wall to the requirements of glass quality, taking into account the properties and composition of the batch – all of which are based on our own standards and calculation procedures. We also perform extensive mathematical modelling, which allows us to configure and optimise the electric boosting, the firing system, and even the steel construction of the furnace.

Optimised for you

In the era of the highest multi-parameter requirements, Forglass pays meticulous attention to the smallest elements of the structure and furnace control system, and the prepared solutions are subjected to critical discussions with the client. What is particularly important is that Forglass specializes in finding non-obvious solutions to specific problems or client requirements resulting from site or production limitations: available space, glass-to-glass time, or the available budget. Drawing from the experience of rebuilding furnaces, we also suggest optimized material choices, including solutions for those elements that are critical to the lifespan of the entire furnace: weir wall, throat and dog house.