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24 Jan, 2024

Repeat customers appreciate Forglass quality and expertise

Hot overcoating of a large float furnace is one of the most demanding types of furnace repair, requiring extraordinary organization and an exceptional team. It involves a large number of highly skilled workers and supervisors, who have to work in extremely harsh conditions. Hot overcoating has to be carefully planned to minimise glass-to-glass time and there is no room for delays. Detailed planning is key, allowing exactly the right amount of time to complete each task. The efficiency and quality of work has to be 100%, as there is no time to redo a mistake. It has to be done correctly the first time.

Clearly, the expertise and skills of everyone involved in this type of work are essential and glassworks plant managers are very selective when choosing the company to perform hot overcoating of their furnaces. Forglass, already well known as a supplier of glass-melting technology has also earned a reputation as an expert in large-scale furnace repairs. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, and the proof in this case comes from repeat customers. Following the successful overcoating of a float furnace for one of the world’s largest producers of automotive and architectural glass, the client chose Forglass once again to perform hot overcoating on another one of their float furnaces in Europe. The project is scheduled for April 2024.