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16 Nov, 2021

Our SmartScraper™ makes a splash

Just over a year ago, we introduced an “intelligent” scraping conveyor, aptly named SmartScraper™. Equipped with innovative Overload Protection System (OPS), the SmartScraper™ uses electronic sensors to continually monitor the working conditions of the conveyor, diagnose problems and react instantly to changes in operation. The machine’s built-in intelligence allows it to slow down or stop before its elements are damaged, including the protection system itself. Additionally, when connected to a comprehensive array of sensors (e.g. temperature, working speed or efficiency), SmartScraper™ allows detailed analysis of its performance to avoid future malfunctions.

Forglass wishes to thank all the clients, who have already ordered the SmartScraper™ and realized that those smart benefits are not just marketing buzzwords, but features that allow them to realize significant savings and improvements in their production processes.