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24 Apr, 2024

Forglass combustion systems surpass expectations

Forglass has successfully commissioned the new combustion system for the leading glass bottle manufacturer in Europe.

Combustion systems designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned by Forglass are fully compliant with the European Standard EN 746-2 and equipped with control devices independent of the furnace control system. They are designed with several redundancies, including features like filtering, reducing and stabilizing gas pressure, measuring and regulating gas flow, and shutting it off in case of an emergency.

The future-proof design of Forglass combustion systems gives the investors the ability to expand or adapt to new requirements of a new or modernised furnace in the future. The Forglass Melting End Main Gas Station is also designed to be compact, saving factory floor space and making it easy to transport and install.

One additional benefit Forglass offers is superb quality of welding and assembly by master technicians, which not only ensures safety, but also problem-free formal commissioning of the system. The client expressed their appreciation not only for the high quality of the equipment, but also for Forglass’ management of the entire project – excellent communication and flexible cooperation with other contractors on site.