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Forglass MultiGlass™ Furnace


Forglass MultiGlass™ Furnace

Revolution in glass melting


The MultiGlass™ Furnace is a proprietary, patent-protected design, created by Forglass’ own Research & Development Centre. MultiGlass™ is a furnace that continuously melts two (or more) different types of glass in adjacent tanks, using the heat from a common firing space. This furnace allows the operator to melt two different glasses with specific energy consumption that is up to 20% lower, resulting in a similar reduction in emission rates of environmentally harmful substances – mainly NOX and CO2 – when compared to melting each glass in separate furnaces with the same combined melting capacity as one MultiGlass™. These savings can be further improved by adjusting the pull from each tank, so that their sum is as close as possible to the pull for which the furnace is designed to operate in the most economical way. In order to enable the MultiGlass™ to vary the melting capacity independently in each tank, it is equipped with heat boosting systems to symmetrize the melting progress in adjacent tanks. MultiGlass™ is a revolutionary solution that enables more economical execution of production orders and allows glassworks to completely restructure sales and production planning.


MultiGlass™ also allows the simultaneous production of two variants of the same type of glass with slightly different compositions, selected to achieve the required properties (hydrolytic class, colourlessness, cooling time, etc.) With MultiGlass™, for example, EXTRA WHITE FLINT and ECOFLINT glass can be produced simultaneously and thus meet the requirement for a significant proportion of recycled cullet in the batch. MultiGlass™ furnaces can be built as “green field” investments, but also as a conversion of two single-tank furnaces into one double-tank furnace or as a conversion of a single-tank furnace into a double-tank, depending on the client’s needs. In this way, the MultiGlass™ can give a “second life” to smaller glassworks, making them profitable and keeping jobs in the local community. The MultiGlass™ furnace is equipped with an advanced and well-tested structure of the inter-tank wall, which is designed to be the most durable and corrosion-resistant part of the furnace.