Furnaces and Forehearths

Forglass Hybrid Furnace H50/50™


Forglass Hybrid Furnace H50/50™

Going green in the right proportions

Going green

Responding to the industry requirements of increasing the share of green energy and lowering the carbon footprint of the glass melting process, Forglass offers furnace designs that address those important issues. We know that the transformation of furnaces must be evolutionary and that futuristic constructions, offering a forest of electrodes and hydrogen-oxygen firing systems are planned for the next several decades, not necessarily for today.

The right proportions

The glass industry expects furnaces to be flexible in the proportion of electricity and combustion energy from gas or oil used in the course of the upcoming campaigns, to keep up with the energy prices, as well as the development of alternative fuels combustible in jet burners. Forglass offers 50/50 hybrid furnace designs with non-default configurations of electric boosting and bubbling systems, as well as gas/air firing systems.