Forglass revolutionizes furnace design, inspired by Pixar’s philosophy

In an integrated company, you can’t draw a line between the technical and the creative.

In an integrated company, you can’t draw a line between the technical and the creative. Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Disney Animation

Four virtual production lines with the revolutionary furnace designed by Forglass have been working non-stop for a year now, using the mathematical modelling software from CelSian Glass & Solar BV to test Forglass’ bold concepts, developed over the years. Elements of the design are also being evaluated in a physical test furnace and Forglass has begun conversations with potential investors. The second, perhaps even more important part of the Forglass revolution is that the company aims to change the industry’s business rules: rather than fighting with other furnace suppliers over market share, Forglass intends to support them with this new technology, especially outside of Europe. “Forglass was created as a result of merging five companies with diverse expertise in the glass industry and the company’s five owners, including me, have equal shares of the business and equal input.” – says Piotr Knast, CEO. “It is this synergistic relationship between us that has made our phenomenal growth possible. Now, we see that supporting other companies and finding synergies is the only long-term strategy that can truly work now and in the future. If you can break through the mental barrier of scarcity, you have a chance to really grow, to sail your ship in the ‘blue ocean’ of abundance.” A great example of how this can be applied in other organisations is LifePlan – a developmental program for teenagers created by the well-known Polish polar explorer and traveller Marek Kamiński, and supported by his Foundation and partner organizations like Forglass. LifePlan’s original business model limited its reach potential and was not resilient to crises like a pandemic. By changing the formula from only enrolling teenagers to actually teaching the program to other organisations worldwide, LifePlan will raise its present capacity of less than 100 kids per year to hundreds and later thousands worldwide. But… that’s a topic for another story. Knast concluded our conversation with these words: “Working together, we can change the world of glass production forever. We can give our clients the tools to face the challenges of the next decade. We can radically reduce CO2 and NOX emissions, reduce energy consumption and literally change the future of furnace design, not unlike Sir Alastair Pilkington’s invention of float glass. Join us, as we jump to the new reality of business!”