Forglass - the Ambassador of Polish Economy

Forglass honoured again as Ambassador of the Polish Economy.

FORGLASS honoured again as Ambassador of the Polish Economy

The results are in and, once again, Forglass has received the honour of being recognized, as a company that is not only developing its international business rapidly, but one that is doing so with excellence, innovation and establishing strong partnership with their foreign clients.

The “Ambassador of the Polish Economy” is an annual competition organized by the Business Centre Club of Poland. Its aim is to increase the involvement of Polish entrepreneurs in promoting Poland on the international arena, as a reliable economic partner. The competition is a nationwide, non-commercial undertaking to: distinguish and promote successful entrepreneurs on international markets, promote high standards and good business practices with international clients, tighten cooperation between entrepreneurs and representatives of Polish institutions responsible for promoting Poland, the Polish economy, culture and social initiatives. Entrepreneurs can receive the title of “Ambassador of the Polish Economy” in six categories: Exporter, Global Company, Creator of 21st Century Solutions, European Brand, Highest Quality, Partner of Foreign Companies.

Not surprisingly, the category, in which Forglass is the Ambassador of the Polish Economy is – Creator of 21st Century Solutions.