Professional Growth


Forglass offers a wide range of opportunities for professional growth from the earliest stages of career development.

When entering the organisation, each of our co-workers performs ambitious and independent tasks. Experience and challenges are the best teachers, so we allow our employees to be decision-makers.

We diversify the nature of their work and allow them to implement projects that go beyond their basic skills, which helps them develop better and more efficiently.

Working with a supervisor is not confined to completing tasks, but it also encourages working together towards professional development.

External training is an important factor, which is why we never underestimate it. We organise off-site workshops, where we all train together with some of the best coaches in Poland. Our employees also take part in individual training courses, which are consistent with their individual jobs.

We believe that each of Forglass employees have their own goals and aspirations, and that their best results are achieved when their professional obligations go hand in hand with their interests and skills, which is why we try to establish this ideal combination.