Goals :

  • A new flexible approach to customer service.
  • We work for the most demanding customers.
  • High quality.
  • Comprehensive service effectively combining various industries.
Forglass cooperates with glass works, providing them with a complete range of services related to investments, maintenance, and current repairs. We have successfully combined steel, ceramic, electric, gas industries
and utility installation. As we operate on the international market, our strategy is to work for the most
demanding customers.


Chief Executive Officer

Experience: Batch and Furnace Manager, Production Manager,
10 years in glass industry

Piotr Knast

Member of Board, Head of Automation & Control Department

Experience: Owner of Rester Automatyka, 20 Years in glass industry, 60 completed projects for glass industry

Andrzej Dyląg

Member of Board, Head of Machinery & Steel Department

Experience: Owner of Ekopol,
25 years in steel industry,
10 years in glass industry

Tomasz Adamiecki

Member of Board, Head of Ceramics Construction Department

Experience: Owner of SG-BUD company, 15 years experience of supervising furnace erection and hot repairs

Zbigniew Ślifierski

Member of Board, Chief Project Engineer

Experience: 18 years in furnace erection and repairs

Leszek Jędrzejczyk

A team of specialists with many years‘ experience in the glass and steel industries.
150 highly-skilled employees, including 21 engineers.